Seminariettekanne „What Trump does not know: The impact of climate change on birds“


Kolmapäeval, 11. oktoobril peab Tartu ülikooli zooloogia osakonnas linnuökoloogia teadur ja Linnuvaatleja teadusuudiste toimetaja Marko Mägi seminariettekande kliimamuutuste mõjust lindudele.

Seminar toimub algusega kell 16.00 Vanemuise 46 ruumis 301 ning on inglise keeles. Kõik huvilised on oodatud.

Ettekande tutvustus:

What Trump does not know: The impact of climate change on birds

Rapid climate change forces all living organisms to run for survival. There are papers describing population declines caused by global warming or unexceptionally harsh and long-lasting weather conditions. The effect of global warming may be location specific, therefore different populations of the same species may be response differently. To date we know that some bird species have changed migration behaviour due to changed climate condition, but some have not. Changes in migration behaviour have carry-over effect on population sustainability, mainly because of phenological shifts. The presentation gives an overview how such mismatches affect birds on broader (e.g. in Europe) and local scale (e.g. in Estonia).